Those who wish to pay their respects to recently departed industry advocate and good friend Paul Dryden can do so at his funeral tomorrow, Friday 4 March, at the MILENNIUM INSTITUTE, 17 Antares Place, Rosedale, North Shore City at 2 pm.     Paul was a very good friend of the Milennium Institute and had done a significant amount of work for them in recent years, so it is a highly appropriate venue for a celebration of his life and achievements, and all industry members are welcome.

To make it easier for you, here are the directions:

Head north on the Northern Motorway, take the Upper Harbour Highway exit but turn right onto Constellation Drive, then take the 5th road on the left (Apollo Drive), then right into Antares.  See you there.

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It is with great sadness that we note today the passing of Paul Dryden, Chief Executive of PRINZ for the past six years.  Paul died this morning after relatively brief but intense battle with cancer.  During his time at the helm of PRINZ, Paul made huge strides on behalf of the industry in terms of professional development, communications, international best practice, industry research, strategic partnerships and senior practitioner involvement. His hard work resulted in a huge increase in PRINZ membership which brought its own rewards for the organisation in terms of participation and resource.

Our thoughts are with Paul's wife Jill, herself a highly respected PR practitioner and partner in STAR PR, and their son James, of whom Paul was immensely proud.   Thank you Paul for your work - our industry is much the richer for your stalwart efforts and commitment over a sustained period.  Your legacy honours you and your family.

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After almost nine years in PR recruitment, it's refreshing to be back in the agency world, albeit this time with a wider focus.  My four short weeks with Ogilvy, one of the country's largest advertising agencies, have been a revelation - these folks really DO work as hard as you hear, but boy is it rewarding!  The other eye-opener has been the huge level of resources that a totally vertically integrated agency like Ogilvy can marshall when required.  Most PR practitioners would walk over broken glass for the resources that both I and the folks at Bullet PR, acquired by Ogilvy late last year, are currently enjoying - the luxury of an in house photo studio, in house TV production and four edit suites, in house interactive creative and design, the full creative resource, data and direct, strategic planners with brains bigger than Africa, an outrageously large design studio, a massive client service operation, a large media placement operation including digital and a print production studio that turns print jobs around in hours.  If you think I'm wallowing in it, you're right!  

I've been fortunate to land at a time when there are a large number of pitches in process which give great insight to the creative process.   In Public Relations land, where you do everything from taking the brief through to creative, strategic planning, delivery and evaluation, it's interesting to see the huge effort and resource that is tied up in the agency pitch process.  But with a staff of well over 200 shared between Auckland and Wellington, the big machine has to keep on delivering - and it does.   Great fun to observe but even more fun as a participant!

In the meantime, all those folks looking for PR and Communications jobs, just get in touch with paulacross@momentum.co.nz and she will look after you.  Paula's mobile is 021-620365.



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2011 is spelling out big changes for some in the communications industry - including yours truly.  As from 1 February, Michelle Boag is becoming Executive Director of Ogilvy New Zealand, one of NZ's largest advertising agencies.

As reported previously, Momentum has been looking for someone to assist Michelle with PR recruitment and that has now happened with ex Westpac and Barclays relationship manager Paula Cross having started at Momentum after the Christmas break to run the company's Communications desk.  Paula is available on 09-3065500 or at paulacross@momentum.co.nz.

In other news, ex TV3 journalist Scott Campbell, who was enticed away from TV3 last year to be Press Secretary for Supercity Mayoral aspirant John Banks, has been appointed Corporate Communications Manager at SKy City.  Meanwhile former TVNZ staffer Glyn Jones,  who was previously at Auckland City, was appointed late last year as Press Secretary to new Auckland Council Mayor Len Brown.  Alison Sykora, ex Vodafone, took up a new role late last year as Communications Manager for Sealord and ASB has brought in change management specialist Christian May, formerly Communications Director for Ernst & Young Asia Pacific based in Hong Kong, to head up their communications team.

Bullet PR and its technology-specialist team led by Nicholas O'Flaherty has been acquired by Ogilvy but will continue to operate with Nicholas at the helm.

So this will be the last posting from Michelle Boag wearing her PR recruitment hat.  But not the last you will hear from her, for sure.

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Lots of activity in the telecoms sector recently as skilled practitioners in the telecoms field are moving from one telecommunications organisation to another.  First it was Mathew Bolland who started the ball rolling by leaving Telstra Clear to take up a new Director of Corporate Affairs  role at 2 Degrees Mobile several months ago.   Now Bryony Hilless has left her Communications Manager role at 2 Degrees Mobile  to take up the newly created role  of Head of Brand and Communications for NZ and Pacific for Alcatel Lucent – a post occupied briefly by Nick Brown, formerly of Telecom, who left within three months of being appointed to take up a much coveted role as General Manager Public Affairs for the NZ Rugby Union.  Meanwhile Paul Brislen, formerly Head of Corporate Communications at Vodafone has been appointed as the new CEO of TUANZ  stepping into the considerably large shoes of former CEO Ernie Newman, whose departure for (hopefully for Ernie) the lucrative world of consultancy was received with regret in some quarters and relief in others – proving the old adage that in order to be truly effective, you can’t be friends with everyone.  

Meanwhile former CAANZ CEO Mark Champion, who was lured across the Tasman to head up the advertising industry equivalent in Australia has returned to New Zealand and has taken a Head of Government Relations role at Huawei, the fast growing technology company from China which is threatening Ericsson’s dominance of the global technology sector.  Add to that the appointment of ex-Telecom consultant Anna Verboeket as Stakeholder Relations Manager at Crown Fibre Holdings and you can see there’s plenty of activity in the technology space for ambitious PR practitioners.


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